LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On any given day of the week, Officer Tonya Landry could face the unthinkable, with little notice.

"I never know what we're going to run into out here," said Landry.

But on Tuesday, she wasn't alone. She had backup. Pastel, a pit bull mix, served as Landry's partner for the day.

Pastel is not a trained K-9. She's getting a break from the cages of Louisville Metro Animal Services, to go on a field trip of sorts.

"You'd be amazed, by getting an animal out of the shelter, just for an hour or two, how it changes its whole attitude," said Louisville Metro Animal Services Director, Ozzy Gibson.

The pooch went on rides, and even met shoppers at Jefferson Mall. Another puppy, Chipper Jones, tagged along with another officer.

Both pups are part of the Paws on Patrol Program. LMPD Major Kim Burbrink, at the 7th Division, started it. 

"I was just thinking about something that would make the workplace a little more enjoyable for them, and being an animal lover, I thought about the dogs," she explained.

It's working for both. Last week, similar patrols got two pups adopted in a matter of no time.

Officer Landry is hoping the same thing happens this time around. 

"So that they can have their forever home. That's what it's about it," she said.

If you'd like to adopt one of the dogs from this story, call Louisville Metro Animal Services.

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