LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An illegal dumper unloaded on the wrong neighborhood.

People often say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a Russell neighborhood resident snapped a picture that is worth at least $1,000 for a man caught dumping trash on a west Louisville street.

Riddled with tires, pillows and shoes, Pirtle Street has been a dumping ground for years.

"It is very disturbing," said Isaac Smith, who lives in the neighborhood.

Lisa Hodgens, who lives in the area too, said trucks can often be seen on the street, but it is rare to see the person who is doing the dumping.

But recently, an illegal dumper was caught in the act.

"A neighbor came out and very quietly and nicely asked the person to not dump there and the person ignored them, they asked them again and they ignored them again and continued to dump," said Metro Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith, who represents the 4th District. "So the person goes and gets a camera and takes a picture and turns those into solid waste management services."

Thanks to those photos, the illegal dumper was found within days.

Once the truck was found, photos were taken of it, and it was towed away, leaving $750 in fines and $250 for the dumper to get their truck back.

Sexton Smith said she's proud of the neighbor who took the pictures.

"We can't expect law enforcement and elected officials to catch every crime and every wrongdoing, so if you are out there, you see something, say something, see a picture, take a picture," she said.

In some parts of the city, cameras have helped stop some of the illegal dumping.

Isaac Smith says he hopes the dumper learned a lesson, and others on Pirtle Street hope their neighbor's actions will produce similar results.

"I'm glad that she was brave enough to step up for what she believes in, so she would have a better place to live," Hodgens said.

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