LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The future of JCPS is up in the air, as the district awaits results of a state audit.

The state's top education official was at JCPS on Wednesday because of the audit. As for the outcome, board members remain optimistic.

“We have made more progress in the last 10 months than we have in the prior 10 years. We just need to stay the course,” said board Vice Chair Lisa Willner.

Interim Education Commissioner Dr. Wayne Lewis stopped by the district on Wednesday. He's tasked with finishing the audit, which started 14 months ago.

“I really can't say anything in terms of details in what we're looking for. The process is ongoing,” Lewis said.

Lewis will choose one of three options in his recommendation for JCPS.

He can take no action, put JCPS under state assistance, or place the district in state management, also known as state takeover.

State assistance would see KDE staff helping the district correct issues raised in the audit. State management would call for the state to appoint a manager over JCPS.

That person would have authority, currently held by Superintendent Marty Pollio and the local school board, over the district's operations.

“We are on such a positive trajectory, it would be devastating, honestly, to have that disrupted,” Willner said.

At Tuesday night’s board meeting, all 150 JCPS principals stood in solidarity to support Pollio and the school board.

“We are hopeful that KDE will be able to see the progress we've made,” Willner said. “That they'll see the plans, they'll see the direction, they'll see the statistics, they'll see the data that's driving our forward motion, and that they'll support us.”

Results of the audit are expected by the end of the month.

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