LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police have killed three people in three different shootings in just over two weeks, and the group Black Lives Matter says that's far too many. 

Members of Louisville's Black Lives Matter rallied outside LMPD headquarters Thursday afternoon, saying officers should be held accountable for the suspects shot and killed by police. 

"The reason that we are showing up is because Louisville as a city needs to be held accountable," said Truman Harris with Black Lives Matter. "Because it is absurd that three people of color have been shot down within the past four days, so there's no way that we can be silent on this."

Truman Harris says Black Lives Matter was already planning a rally for Thursday even before officers shot and killed a suspect in the Shawnee neighborhood Wednesday night.

Police say officers responded to a home on 42nd Street and were confronted by a suspect with several knives.

But Harris questions why police don't use non-lethal force in confrontations with people of color.

Louisville police have released video of the shootings within 24 hours, and footage from Wednesday's shootings is expected to be released soon. 

Mayor Greg Fischer says he hopes the department's transparency will continue to build trust.

"That's why we release body cameras, that's why we have thorough investigations, that's why we have a citizens review involved with these type of activities," Fischer said.

"So my hope is that people just see that we are all working together toward a safer community, everything is out front on these and we are going to continue to work together to have a safer community."

LMPD officers also shot and killed a man who ran at them with a screwdriver in Pleasure Ridge Park on April 9.

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