By: Bill Lamb
WDRB President and General Manager

Since next week is Derby Week, it's probably too late to avoid exposing the rest of the world to this particular embarrassment. But isn't it a shame that with all the sprucing up we do around this time of year to impress Louisville's out-of-town guests with all our world-class city-ness, our downtown street system is more likely to remind them of the bombed-out alleys of Syria?

I know I've railed about this before, but at what point will our city officials actually manage to feel embarrassment over this situation -- which is not only an aesthetic travesty, but also, in many cases, a severe safety hazard?

Doctors remind us that maintaining a healthy circulatory system is essential for our bodies to survive -- that in order for all our blood, nutrients, and everything else to do their job, our veins and arteries have to provide them smooth passage.

But, to make an analogy, if our bodies were in the same condition as the streets we use to get around downtown, we'd all be dead before Derby.

Seriously, one of the primary duties of any city government is to maintain its infrastructure. But to judge from the perennially and pathetically potholed surfaces of our downtown byways, Louisville's leaders just don't seem to care much about that responsibility.

Such an attitude is anything but world class. And we shouldn't expect our guests not to notice.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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