So, the management audit of Jefferson County’s Public School system is finally over. And, as many had feared, it recommends that JCPS be placed under state control.   

Think about that. The folks in Frankfort actually think they know what’s best for the commonwealth’s largest city.

The same city whose interests are routinely ignored in every legislative session in favor of rural pork projects that ignore the needs of the many in favor of the profits of a few.

The same city that gets back only about half the money it sends to Frankfort every year in tax revenue.

And the city that -- without which -- the state would have gone bankrupt long ago.

Sure, JCPS HAS faced many serious problems in the recent past – many of their own making. But now is the completely wrong time for such a drastic move.

New Superintendent Marty Pollio – who’s already achieved significant educational reform at the individual school level – has, in just a few months, spearheaded an impressive amount of positive change, while also drastically boosting morale among teachers and other employees. Surely Dr. Pollio deserves better than to be cut off at the knees after such an impressive start.

Considering Kentucky’s embarrassing national education rankings, it’s laughable to believe state control could possibly improve things in Louisville. And JCPS should do everything possible to appeal this terrible decision.

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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