LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Churchill Downs is expected to take in millions of dollars this week, but the historic racetrack is not the only business cashing in on the most exciting two minutes in sports. 

Derby week is also a sure bet for some local businesses, from hats, to shoes, to music and booze.

"For the last two weeks, it has been non-stop," said Carol Hampton, who owns Pix Shoes on Preston Street and calls Derby week her Super Bowl.

"It's a retailer's dream," she said. "Derby really makes our year."

From open to close, men and women have packed the store this week, Hampton said. Everyone is looking for the perfect hat, fascinator or shoes for Derby.

Hampton said after more than 40 years in business, even out-of-town Derby guests know about Pix.

"I had a lady from Palm Springs call," Hampton said.   

Once the wardrobe is complete, it's off to the track, a gala or Derby party.

"I am kind of like the new, still independent, hard copy ticket outlet," said Ben Jones, who owns Better Days Records.

Jones has two locations and said he is seeing a lot of extra foot traffic at his Lyles Mall location. The store sells tickets to several Derby events.

Businesses in southern Indiana are also winning this week.

Sam Schaefer, assistant manager at Bridge Liquors in New Albany, said there's been a big uptick this week. Some of the popular drinks associated with the Derby are driving customers Schaefer's way.

"You'll get people asking, 'What's in a Mint Julep?'" Schaefer said.

Hampton is energized and running with the herd this week, but she said next week will be a much different pace.

"It's take a deep breath and go relax," she said.

All three businesses are trying to maximize Derby week, so all three will be open for business on Saturday.

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