LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On the first Saturday in May, 20 thoroughbreds will break from the gate.

Fans from across the world will be on edge, watching every stride with nervous anticipation.

Which horse will cross the finish line first? Win the garland of roses and claim the two-million dollar prize? It's the greatest two minutes in sports!

But the journey to even qualify to enter this year's race started back in 2015, when all of the contenders were born.

To run in the Derby, horses must be 3-years-old. That means horses only have one shot at etching their name in the history books as the winner of the "Run for the Roses."

Even qualifying for the race is incredibility difficult. It's estimated that more than 21-thousand thoroughbreds were born in 2015 and only 20 will make it to the Derby

Horses qualify for the race through a point system. Prep races are held across the country and points are awarded based on which place a horse finishes. The 20 horses with the most points are in the Kentucky Derby.

Let it be known that the Kentucky Derby is not just a race for male horses. Fillies can also run. They just have to qualify. In fact, 3 fillies have won the Derby. Winning Colors was the last to do it in 1988.

On the first Saturday in May, people from across the world will be dressed in their Sunday best. It's a magical time in the River City. And be ready to go when the gates open. The race will only last about two minutes, about the time it took you to watch this story.

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