SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- The Scott County Sheriff's Office has a new tool to find drugs.

Cyrus, a 2-year-old German Shepherd, officially began patrolling the area on Monday. Deputy Josh Watterson went through an intense training course with Cyrus for two weeks in Texas.

The K-9 is from the Czech Republic and completed his initial training in Mexico before coming to the U.S.

"I spent eleven years on active duty in the Marine Corps, and while I was there, I was interested in the K-9 program,” Watterson said. “Never had the opportunity."

Watterson decided to use his benefits from the GI Bill to cover the K-9 training program, and because of his service, the dog was provided free of charge, saving the department around $15,000.

The sheriff's office covered travel expenses to pick up the K-9 and bring him back to Scott County.

The dog adds an additional narcotics dog to the department.

"The best thing about having a third K-9 is now, pretty much at any point and time, somebody on the sheriff's department will have a K-9 on the streets," Watterson said.

Watterson said keeping the dog current on its training is a crucial part in the process.

"It will be six months to a year before we're like real spot-on, but the bond and the communication between the two of us is really turning around,” he said.

Cyrus is expected to serve the community for about nine years before retiring.

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