By: Bill Lamb
President and General Manager - WDRB-TV

Imagine, if you will, that you're a college student. You have a teacher who was the mayor of a fairly large metropolitan city for over 20 years. This teacher was then lieutenant governor until the president of the United States asked him to come to the West Wing of the White House to work for him. Imagine what you could learn from somebody with this type of life and leadership experience.

The students at Bellarmine University were those fortunate few who had Jerry Abramson as their instructor. Jerry was a great cheerleader for Louisville, for Kentucky and for the Obama administration before he became Bellarmine's greatest cheerleader. If Jerry is in, he is all in. 

Unfortunately, the new president of Bellarmine, Dr. Susan Donovan, couldn't figure out a way to keep him. Maybe she couldn't afford him. Maybe, as someone new to our community, she didn't fully appreciate his tremendous value. 

Tori Murden, a longtime resident of Louisville and the president of Spalding University, understands Abramson's value very well and quickly swooped in and hired him. As they said in the old Broadway musical, "You gotta know the territory." Tori Murdin did. Susan Donovan didn't. Congratulations to Ms. Murden for recognizing a superstar and for being agile enough to reel him in. And congratulations to all the students at Spalding who will learn from one of Louisville's most important and influential citizens.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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