Election Day is Tuesday in Indiana, and it's about to get much easier for voters in Clark County. The county will use new technology that is expected to make lines move fast at the ballot box.

With new poll pads, voters will use an iPad to scan their ID to check in. It will replace the paper poll books.

"We're eliminating some steps. We're making it easier," long-time poll worker Charlie Schladand said. "This is gonna be a great leap forward from what we've done in the past."

The new system will debut county-wide at Tuesday's election. All voters need is an ID.

"It's easier than what I expected it to be," new poll worker Saffevell Ingram III said.

"My parents were telling me they would have to do it with a log from a book and everything, and now, seeing as it's just an iPad, it's a lot easier than what they used to have to go through," Ingram said.

For some high school volunteers, like Ingram, using the iPads is second nature.

"I have seen a couple people learning the new technology, adapting to it, not really knowing how or what to do with it, so I'm always there to help," Ingram said.

If voters show up to the wrong precinct, the poll pad will automatically tell them where to go. It streamlines the check-in system. 

"It's going to be more accurate," said Clark County Clerk Susan Popp, who added the ballot-casting process remains the same.

"(Voters) are still going to get a paper ballot, and we'll be voting through the scanners as we always have," she said.

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