Yard parking during Kentucky Derby week is a yearly business for Bobby Willock.

"I just sit here and wave them in," said Willock, sitting in front of his home on Taylor Boulevard. "I have regulars that have been coming here for years."

With Churchill Downs down the block, Willock typically cashes in on Oaks Day, but this year is different.

"It's been kinda slow this year," Willock said. "They changed the traffic, where there's not that much traffic coming through here. It's going right over to the track."

This year, LMPD rolled out a new traffic plan, to help with traffic flow around Churchill Downs. Central Avenue is closed for Oaks and Derby, and no pedestrians or cars are allowed on Central Avenue from Crittenden Drive to Taylor Boulevard.

That makes for steep competition along Taylor Boulevard.

"You kinda have to put yourself out there and wave your sign around to get their attention so they're not just driving by," said Nikiya Phillips, who was out with her sign all day Friday.

"It says parking in the back, $20," Phillips said. "We've got four cars back there already. Everybody's been so nice today.

But with thousands more expected on Saturday, Willock still banks on return customers.

"Once people park here, and they know their car is taken care of, they don't have to worry about anything missing out of it or broken into, that's usually what keeps them coming back," he said.

Many south Louisville residents said they might bump their prices up an extra $5 or $10 for Derby Day.

Along with a new traffic plan, LMPD also announced golf carts are prohibited.

"If you're gonna do it, we should be allowed to do it, and we only do this three days a year," said Anthony Northington, who owns a golf cart and lives adjacent to the track.

This year, neighbors with golf carts are being ticketed and towed, sparking frustration from those who drive them.

"We've got people walking around with open containers," Northington said. "We've got everything going on. There's a lot of laws being broken. But we're the only ones being picked out of all of this."

Other residents stayed parked on their front lawns. Lafond Wright was barbecuing for friends and strangers.

"We want everybody to know that this is a great neighborhood," he said. "Very hospitable every year. People come from all around, and we have to share this neighborhood with them. So that's what we're all about."

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