LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An army of volunteers flooded Churchill Downs on Friday night after the last race on Oaks Day.

Many local groups, including local soccer teams and scouring groups clean the track as a fundraiser. They pick up chairs in the grandstands, use leaf blowers to pill up the trash and then bag it all up and through it down the trash shoot.

Boy Scout Troop 333 from Mt. Washington brought 21 people this year. The boys use the money earned to fund trips and projects throughout the year.  The troop leader has seen a lot of trash pile up over the years.

"A lot of containers have liquid in it, so we try to take the liquid and pour it in a bucket before it's actually thrown on the floor," Carl Carter said. "We've found everything from uneaten food to alcoholic beverages to Derby glasses (and) high heel shoes."

Some of the vendors on the infield run their stands as a fundraiser as well. The Shepherdsville Titans youth football team was restocking for the Derby.

"We're breaking everything down," Amber Johnson said. "We're counting all of our beer, making sure our money counts are accurate. We've turned in all of our financials, just making sure everything is ready to be loaded back in the coolers."

The bigger mess will be Saturday night after the biggest crowd off the week funnels out following the Kentucky Derby.

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