It would actually be laughable if it weren’t true. But it is.

Former University of Louisville President James Ramsey, who was ousted after a litany of alleged deceptions and misdeeds plunged the school into scandal and cost it tens of millions of dollars, is insisting that the university’s board be forced to pay his legal costs in defending himself against their lawsuit. 

Not IF he’s found to be blameless – which I believe to be about as likely as Andre McGee being named Grand Marshal of next year’s Pegasus Parade. He wants them to pay his legal costs even in the event he’s proven to be the biggest con man since Bernie Madoff.

According to Ramsey’s lawyer, the board’s bylaws state that the board will indemnify its directors and officers against any legal actions arising from their service. Which is fine, as far as it goes. Most large institutions do the same as a matter of course.

But we’re talking about DISservice. Not service. The offenses Ramsey is accused of inflicted devastating wounds on the very organization he was paid quite dearly to serve. Not on some outside entity. Should Ramsey be found liable, making the very school he pillaged pay for a defense without merit would be a travesty.

Here’s hoping a judge sees it the same way.

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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