LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Video of a Louisville Metro Police officer helping a man in a wheelchair is being shared on social media. 

Amanda Lynn Blias posted the video. She said the police officer was parked in an empty space at Algonquin Parkway and Winkler Avenue.

She wrote that the "differently abled man was trying unsuccessfully to cross the road DURING traffic. The cop put his lights on, stopped traffic and pushed the man to the side safely."  Hashtags on her post included #ISupportTheBoysinBlue. 

LMPD shared her post and thanked her for the viral shout out. It said the video is of Sergeant Chris Keith with its Training Academy. 

The department's post said this "video is a prime example of why people shouldn't assume the worst when we have the road blocked. Often times, a traffic delay at an intersection simply means someone that needs help safely getting across the street. Even if it's just a family of ducks or an angry goose. haha"

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