LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A busy weekend in Louisville because of the Kentucky Derby was a busy one for thieves as well.

On Saturday afternoon, two air conditioning units were stolen from buildings in Old Louisville. One was stolen from the Goodwill Administration building on South Fourth Street. The other was stolen from the apartment building right next to Goodwill.

"My heating and air conditioning supplier has always told me it was going to happen, so I guess it was just luck of the draw," said Andy Dumstorf, who owns the apartment building.

Dumstorf has been in the rental business for 25 years and has never had a unit stolen. He said it is frustrating, but it comes with the business.

"They were probably dressed like maintenance guys. I'm not sure if my tenants were around or not," he said. "The office building (is) next door. There's no one here, so the parking lot is empty. It was a Saturday."

The thieves struck in broad daylight on one of the busiest days in Louisville: Kentucky Derby day.

"We're not really sure of a lot of details right now, but we know it occurred sometime between 12 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. on Derby day," said Heather Hise, communications director for Goodwill Industries of Kentucky.

Hise and Dumstorf believe the thieves struck at an opportune time when many people would not be around.

"Obviously, it was a time when a lot of people weren't around," Hise said. "Plenty of people were out celebrating. It was probably a prime time to do it."

Dumstorf said the thieves knew what they were doing after seeing how the wires were cut and everything was disconnected. He said a refurbished or new unit could cost between $2,000 and $2,500. He guesses his unit weighed around 80 to 100 pounds.

Once he replaces the unit, he said he is getting a cage for it to avoid the thieves striking again.

The Goodwill Administration building captured the thieves on security cameras and gave the video to police.

Louisville Metro Police said there have not been any arrests in the case.

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