LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Dozens of vacant and abandoned houses in Metro Louisville are getting makeovers.

The city has recently created several programs to eliminate the eyesores, one of which on 28th Street that is in the process of being transformed into a five-bedroom house. 

Charles Scott recently purchased the home and started renovating it. On Wednesday, he gave employees with the Land Bank Authority a tour and shared his vision for the house. Scott said the home is already in much better shape than it was when he took ownership.

"The roof itself was about ready to fall down," he said. "The back roof had already fallen off ... massive water damage. I paid $1 for the house."

Scott hopes to turn that $1 investment, which he got from a program called Last Look, into a big profit and sell it for $150,000

Last Look sells vacant houses that are going to be demolished. Joshua Watkins, Real Estate Coordinator for Metro Louisville, said the city will sell homes scheduled to be demolished for $1 through last Look, but buyers must first secure funding to renovate or build.

“It is a really great way for us to try to make sure that people save these properties," he said. "We don't want to demolish. We want to use that as a last resort."

The Last Look program is one of several the Land Bank Authority is using to eliminate vacant and abandoned properties across the city.

"They really have attributed to us probably increasing by about 400 percent in sales from the previous year before," Watkins said.

In fact, the city has sold a record 117 houses in the last fiscal year, some of which neighbors said were used for drugs and other illegal activity. That might explain the positive response Scott has received from neighbors.

"The first people that came over and welcomed me to the community was Ebenezer Baptist Church,” he said, referring to the church on 28th Street near his house. 

“They were so glad to see somebody that was working on the property,” Scott added.

To learn about the programs and properties being sold by Metro Louisville, just click here.

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