WARNING: The below story contains graphic information obtained from court documents.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A teacher at Grayson County High School is accused of sexually abusing one of his 17-year-old students while inside the school.

Kentucky State Police arrested 62-year-old Roger Williams on May 9. A spokesperson for the school district said Rogers has been a business teacher at Grayson County High School for 14 years. It's not clear if he is still employed at the school. 

Rogers is charged with sexual abuse of a minor and possessing or viewing matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor. He is the third Grayson County High School teacher since late 2016 to be arrested on child sex charges.

Experts say child sexual abuse isn't exactly happening more, but it's being acknowledged and reported to police more frequently. Gloria Berry, a marriage and family therapist with Centerstone, said Thursday that schools need to start having more training for their employees. 

"What do you do if you find yourself having feelings for a student? How do you handle that and having those kind of open discussions?" Berry said. 

According to an arrest report, police were contacted after someone reported that a 17-year-old female student said her teacher, Williams, had inappropriately touched her on several occasions. The arrest report indicates that the school's principal actually drove Williams to the Leitchfield Police Department, where he confessed.

"Yesterday, KSP was notified by the Leitchfield Police Department and Grayson County High School that there was an inappropriate incident between a teacher and a student," said Kentucky State Police Senior Trooper Scotty Sharp. "Our Post 4 detectives responded and investigated the scene."

WDRB News has obtained the arrest report that details the circumstances surrounding the investigation of Williams. The summary from that arrest report is reprinted below. WARNING: The below summary contains graphic information.

"Received a complaint from Grayson County High School of a 17yo female student stating her teacher had inappropriately touched her privates on multiple occasions. Upon speaking with the victim she stated her teacher, Roger Williams, had began an inappropriate relationship with her around Christmas time of 2017. Victim stated Williams had given her his number and that the two had texted back and forth talking about sexual acts. Victim stated that when a teacher at the school got in trouble for a similar infraction in March 2018 Williams told her to delete the text messages and take his number out of the phone just in case. The victim said on April 20th, 2018 Williams asked her to go into the bathroom and take photographs of her privates. The victim complied and said that Williams then used his phone to take pictures of the photographs on her phone, telling her that this way they couldn't be caught. The pictures were of the victim's bare breasts and vagina. The victim stated that on 05/03/18 and 05/08/18 Williams placed his hand on her bare vagina and rubbed it while seated at his desk in the High School.

Williams agreed to ride with the school principal to Leitchfield Police Department to conduct an interview with me. Once there I advised Williams of his rights and provided him a waiver of rights form. Williams agreed to waive his rights and speak with me. Williams admitted that he had texted the victim about sexual acts, that he had taken pictures of the victim's photographs depicting her nude breasts and vagina, and that he had touched the victim's bare vagina on at least 2 occasions while in the school. Williams also stated that he had told the victim that when she turned 18 she could come to his house and he would provide her marijuana and 'eat her out.' Williams stated he had marijuana and a marijuana pipe in his dresser drawer at his residence. Williams is the victim's teacher."

He is currently being held in the Grayson County Detention Center.

"Right now, it's still an ongoing investigation," Sharp said. "We can't state how many victims we do have."

"We would always ask, during an active investigation, that if there's other potential victims to come forward to talk to us, contact Post 4 -- or if there's other witnesses that might have seen or heard something, come forward and speak with our detectives," Sharp added.

Berry said teenagers are more vulnerable to advances from a person of authority because their brains aren't fully developed.

"Even if it was a person you were not infatuated with or thought was the best in the world and found attractive, it can still feel good to be noticed, to be payed attention to and that somebody in an authority role really likes you," she said. "And it's confusing, I think, for young people to identify, sometimes adults too, to identify those relationships if they're healthy for them or not."

Berry added that it's imperative for parents to have open conversations with their children. She said some red flags include any change in behavior, shutting down and not talking much and also talking about one particular person a whole lot. 

On Thursday morning, the school district released a statement responding to the arrest. That statement is below:

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