WORTHVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Authorities in Carroll County are investigating after human remains were found under an abandoned trailer near the county line.

According to neighbors, a family dog brought back the bottom half of a human jaw Tuesday.

“First, he drug out the bottom half of a jaw and then drug out the rest of them,” said Blakeley Jones, whose dog first dug up the bones.

On Thursday, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and the coroner’s office were back at the trailer investigating and looking for additional evidence.

“My mom-in-law actually bagged (the remains) up and took them down to the police department, and they actually confirmed they were real human remains,” Jones said.

Officials remain mum on any details surrounding what else might have been discovered or what they’ve learned thus far about the remains. Neighbors say an old graveyard sits about 150 yards away and that they’ve found what they believe to be Native American arrowheads lying around.

The trailer itself is burned and has long been unoccupied.

“It's been sitting there at least two or four years," Jones said. "No one is even supposed to go in it. I mean, it’s hard to even get back there.”

The State Medical Examiner is now analyzing the remains.

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