LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A student at Manual High School has been arrested after police say she and her relatives physically attacked members of the school's staff.

According to an arrest warrant, the incident took place on April 26.

Police say 18-year-old Danazia Whitfield, who is deaf, was sitting near the assistant principal's office after having been involved in an argument with another student and a teacher.

While she was sitting there, police say an in-school security monitor moved her backpack out of the way. According to the warrant, Whitfield responded by standing up suddenly and head-butting the monitor, knocking him backward.

Police say she then contacted her mother via Facetime and communicated with her via sign language, at one point turning the phone so that it faced the security monitor. 

A short time later, police say Whitfield's mother, accompanied by Whitfield's juvenile brother, walked into the principal's office. According to the arrest warrant, Whitfield's mother turned toward her and asked, "Is that him?" referring to the in-school security monitor. 

At that point, police say Whitfield's mother then told her son to attack the security monitor, saying "Mop him."

Police say Whitfield's brother and mother both attacked the security monitor, beating him with their fists. When a teacher tried to stop them, Whitfield allegedly grabbed him by his beard and began punching him in the side.

According to the arrest warrant, Whitfield's brother then grabbed a lacrosse stick and began using it to beat the security monitor all over his body.

Police say Whitfield's mother then bit the security monitor on the side, causing "a huge, open bite wound."

During the fight, police say the assistant principal tried to stop it, and his glasses were broken in the process.

Whitfield and her relatives ran away when someone said they were calling the police.

Police say the security monitor was transported to Audubon Hospital for treatment. He suffered a knot to the head, a large bite wound to the side, bruises and soreness. 

A warrant was issued for Whitfield's arrest on May 2. She was taken into custody on May 10.

Whitfield is charged with four counts of third-degree assault of a school employee or school volunteer, four counts of abuse of a teacher, one count of second-degree disorderly conduct and one count of third degree criminal mischief. She is currently being held in Louisville Metro Corrections.

It's not clear from the report if anyone else has been charged in the case.

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