LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  Ford Motor Co.’s temporary suspension of F-Series Super Duty truck production at Kentucky Truck Plant is having ripple effects beyond the thousands of idled workers at the eastern Jefferson County facility.

David Brown, a delivery driver for Louisville trucking company M&M Cartage, said he has been off work since Monday, the first work day after the plant stopped producing its key product following a May 2 fire at a supplier plant in Michigan.

“It’s a wide spectrum of people that are involved here. A small fire up in Michigan affects people all over the country,” said Brown.

Brown drives a semi-truck filled with parts such as drive shafts on a regular route between Kentucky Truck Plant and HJI Supply Chain Solutions, a warehouse off Old Henry Road, he said.

He said only about four drivers are working per shift, whereas it normally takes 15 drivers to keep the plant stocked with parts.

“Some of the guys are really put out about it,” said Brown, adding that he’s opting not to work so that drivers with more immediate financial needs can have the hours.

Ford continues to produce the Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs at Kentucky Truck Plant, or KTP. But the large SUVs are much lower-volume products than the Super Duty pickups.

Ford has not said when production of the Super Duty trucks will resume, nor how many workers at KTP are temporarily out of a job. Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker said she had no new information on Friday.

An official with UAW Local 862 told WDRB on Thursday that at least 2,500 to 3,000 KTP workers are affected by the suspension.

Brown said he’s been told the partial shutdown will last through May 20.

Ford also suspended production of F-150 trucks at its Kansas City and Dearborn, Michigan plants.

On Friday, Automotive News reported that production in Kansas City will resume on May 18.

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