LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The football field has been a game-changer for a record number of students at Iroquois High School

Head coach Chris Peters and his players celebrated signing day Friday, when eight of his student-athletes signed with a college.

"Today is about ... having a plan after high school," Peters said. "Football is what we use to teach kids life lessons that they may not otherwise learn."

Senior Josh Hennig played defensive end for three years, and his hard work has earned him a football scholarship to Hanover College. Senior Lawfield Jallayu is headed to Northern Kentucky University. His football career is over, but he is signing a letter of intent.

"It's a promise to me and my family that I am going to do what is necessary to be successful in college," Jallayu said.

Only five of the players received football scholarships, but all of them saw action in high school and are headed to college. And that is more important than winning for Peters.

Peters said he didn't cut any players from the program, and he didn't play stars who did not fulfill team requirements. That includes missing classes and assignments.

"If we cut him, what is he going to do after school?" Peters said.

All of the players also signed a commitment to excellence letter, which Peters drafted after his first season at Iroquois. He believes it could be a life-saving pledge. 

"The kids that were seniors on that team, that did not have a plan after graduation, that did not leave Louisville, several of them were killed," Peters said.

Peters has an MBA and lots of options but stays because he wants to make a difference in the lives of at risk youth.

"If I don't make an impact here, who will?" he said. "If I don't help the kids here, who will?"

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