LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Turning lemons into lemonade. One young girl in Shively is using her birthday money to get into the lemonade business.

Chances are you'll hear Lily Kahafer before you see her. "This is Lily. This is pure Lily. This is her all the time. Super loud and can always draw somebody in," says Lily's mother, Ashley Barton.

The 10-year-old set up shop this week. "Cookies, chips, lemonade and water," Kahafer said.

So far, Lily's Lemonade has been a hit on Heaton Road. "She's been rockin' it out," Barton said.

"They [customers] say, 'oh it's good. I love it, it's delightful'," Kahafer said.

She has help from some fellow employees. "My mom, my little brother, my sister and me," Kahafer said.

Lily's learning that real estate is everything. She is hoping that lemonade is lucrative, with another young entrepreneur nearby. "He already had his clients locked in. So, we moved over here and her business has been amazing since we moved over here," Barton said.

She'll spend every evening after school for a month, with one goal in mind. "Probably around 200 bucks, probably even higher than that," Kahafer said.

It's money she'll never see. "I'm helping people who need it," Kahafer said.

All of her hard earnings will go to Crusade for Children. "I just knew straight off the bat that this is what I'm going to do," Kahafer said.

The family has no personal connection to the organization that helps children with special needs. However, they have been giving for more than a decade. "As the kids came along, we just added to the mix and then Lily wanted to do something bigger for Crusade," Barton said.

So with lemons, hard work and sugar, Lily is trying to earn at least $1,000 by the end of the month. "They [Crusade for Children] need money and they need it more than I do. So basically, any money that I get will go to them," Kahafer said.

"She loves to do it. She'll come out here anytime you allow her to be out here, she's out here selling," Barton said.

The summer project teaches business, work ethic and the sweetness of giving back. "I want to see her grow this and hopefully do it again next year. As long as she's willing to do it, I'm willing to be out there with her to help her," Barton said.

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