LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A day before Mother’s Day, Carrey Robinson Dewey could’ve done the easy thing and stayed home, could’ve checked out of the long process of preparing to leave the house, the travails of being wheeled into Louisville Slugger Field, the challenge of every little thing that comes with the end stages of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Instead, Dewey and her family were front and center at Louisville’s annual Walk to Defeat ALS, sponsored by the ALS Association of Kentucky.

They cut the ribbon to start the walk. Their large entourage, along with others from around the region, completed the short walk around the Louisville waterfront.

Appreciation for mothers will come in many forms today.

Few will teach a lesson as important as Carrey Dewey taught on Saturday – finish the course. Keep fighting.

She has done that with humor and honesty, tears and tenacity. Love isn’t always a Hallmark-sounding thing. Her fight has spurred on many of those who walked with her Saturday, including her children, Ian, Ann Marie and Colleen. Her husband Eric pushed her, continually leaning down to communicate.

In a blog on her Facebook page in which she has chronicled the experience of suffering from ALS in excruciating detail, and it is excruciating, Dewey wrote last week, “Yes, we’ll be there again this year but the cure will not come in my lifetime as I enter into the beginning stages of my body shutting down due to carbon dioxide retention.”

She can’t walk, swallow or support her own weight. Her muscles have atrophied to the point where her joints easily dislocate.

But in her most recent writing, she has written about how hard all this must be on her husband, and children.

And, of course, she notes her own frustrations. What you won’t hear is regrets. She has made it to the plays, the cheerleading competitions, the church programs and more. She spent Derby Day at home with her family, big hats included. She celebrated the degrees earned by several of her caregivers. She made it to the ALS Walk. She didn’t let the disease stop her, nor did her support group around her.

“I’m so far behind on my blog intended to educate and advocate from a patient’s point of view, a patient who is in the prime of their life, a patient who is still raising their young children, a patient who is happily married,” she wrote in a recent Facebook post. “The final chapters make it difficult to have waking hours to write and bring emotions I’d rather not revisit. I have about ten blogs I’ve started but not finished and countless thank you notes sitting on my dresser to write. . . . I have no idea how many pages this last chapter will be. I’m hopeful to complete my unpublished blogs. And I guarantee I am making every day count for my family.”

If there’s a better Mother’s Day message, I haven’t heard it.

Her story is just one of many on display at the annual ALS event. 

If you want to know more, or to do something to help, visit her Facebook page at Team Dewey: Kickin’ ALS or the ALS Association.

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