LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- When there is heavy rain in the forecast, there are life-and-death concerns from some south Louisville residents.

Don Hodges and some of his neighbors on West Indian Trail not only feel the rain. They fear the rain.

"If it's a hard downpour for a matter of three or four hours, or something like this, we start getting nervous then," Hodges said.

West Indian Trail is just off Preston Highway, and residents there have been flooded several times in recent years.

"If it rains hard, I am up all night watching the ditches and roads," said Susan Berry, who has been flooded three times.

Okolona Fire Marshal Mike Allendorf said the department has done multiple water rescues over the years at homes and apartments in the Preston Highway area.

"The biggest one was back in '13 when we pulled out about 120 residents," Allendorf said.

Metro Councilman Vitalis Lanshima represents the area and said flooding concerns and fears are brought up every time he meets with constituents, and finding a solution is one of his top priorities.

"It has been an ongoing complaint for a while," Lanshima said. "It gives you a whole different perspective when you meet people and you realize their life lies in the balance between what we do here on Metro and what we do not do."

On Monday, Lanshima invited MSD to his monthly meeting to answer some tough questions from him and neighbors.

"Can they fix it so people can live more comfortably and not be in fear or do they have to buy people out?" he asked. "I want to know what a solution is."

Some residents have taken buyouts, and it that's not an option, they hope MSD will at least do something to a nearby drainage ditch.

"That would be a tremendous help if they would just clean the ditches out and improve the drainage around here," Hodges said.

Lanshima said if Monday's meeting does not produce any results, he will reach out to Congressman John Yarmuth and Sen. Mitch McConnell for some help.

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