A battle for signatures over building a new downtown elementary school is heating up in downtown Jeffersonville, but it affects everyone who lives in the Greater Clark County School district.

So Jeff United volunteer Ed Siewert is hitting the pavement. Siewert is with a group of volunteers going door to door in downtown Jeffersonville.

"We're just trying to cover every block that we can," Siewert said.

The group is collecting signatures to build a new elementary school in downtown Jeffersonville

"Very positive response," Siewert said. "Much better than I actually anticipated."

If the pro-school side wins, a new elementary school will go up next to Nachand Fieldhouse. But every voter in the Greater Clark district has a say.

"The yellow petitions are for the people who are for it," Siewert said. "The blue petitions are for people against it."

"You have strong opinions on both sides, and I'm just collecting for blue, because I want everybody to have a voice," said Amber Delaney, a volunteer for the opposition who was collecting signatures Monday in the Northaven neighborhood.

"I support a new school. That would be awesome," Delaney said. "I'm opposed to where they want to put it."

Delaney said the response so far has been mixed reviews.

"Some people are like, 'We want that school,'" she said. "Other people are like, 'No, I don't want my taxes to go up.'"

The signature battle ends in early June. The side that collects the most names wins.

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