Gov. Matt Bevin and I often disagree. But I do appreciate his efforts to fix Kentucky's broken pension system. And I understand his frustration at last week's ruling by Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd against the new law that Bevin championed.

But his reaction to the disappointment, which was to call the judge a "most incompetent hack," was appalling.

First, there's no reasonable basis for such an attack. In his more than ten years on the bench, Shepherd has established a fine record of competence.

But what really bothers me is the childish, name-calling aspect of Bevin's tantrum. I'm sure that the governor, as a businessman, is often frustrated that government doesn't usually operate at the pace he'd prefer.

But responsible, mature adults simply don't respond to setbacks with playground-style taunts. Doing so only makes that name-caller seem petty and immature and undermines whatever legitimate arguments he might otherwise have.

One of the most depressing changes at all levels of government during my lifetime is the erosion of civility that was once the minimum standard of behavior.

This is just one more example of that unfortunate decline, and as much as I support Bevin's attempts to make positive headway in the pension crisis, I hope he'll show better judgment in the future.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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