EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Video released by Evansville Police on Tuesday shows a gunman apparently targeting law enforcement in a shootout Friday night. 

WEVV reports that the alleged shooter, Barry Freeman, was eventually killed by officers. But before he died, Freeman shot and killed his neighbor, Jeffrey Kempf.

Police say it's unlikely they will ever know the true reason why he targeted law enforcement.

The surveillance video released by the Evansville Police Department shows those officers trying to talk to Freeman, but after realizing that he was armed, they ran for safety.

A shirtless Freeman can be seen aiming and firing at police cruisers, as they rolled up on the scene. 

"About 1 to 2 minutes later, Mr. Freeman started opening fire on additional units that were responding," explained Sergeant Jason Cullum.

During the next 40 minutes police say Freeman fired dozens of rounds into squad cars. One of the most heavily damaged cars was shown to the media on Tuesday. Twenty-three bullet holes dotted the vehicle. One of the bullets narrowly missed an officer's head.

Freeman didn't fire at any civilian cars, and the Evansville Police Department believes that's because he was a targeting the attack against law enforcement.

"We feel that he was intentionally excluding them (civilians) from his shooting rampage, so that leads us to believe that when he shot Mr. Kempf, due to the very poor lighting conditions on that street, all he saw was movement," Cullum said.

"It was those same dark conditions that made it hard to bring down the gunman," he added. "But when he moved to the backyard in an open fence post, he made himself a target for EPD detective Kyle Thiry to end the ordeal."

"When we analyzed the scene that night, we determined that Officer Thiry took his shot from 63 yards away into a dimly lit neighborhood," Cullum said. "He fired his rifle two times. Both of those rounds hit him in the chest."

Police also released a 911 call from a frightened neighbor, who initially reported the incident. It contained the following exchange.

CALLER: I'm pretty sure our neighbor shot a gun, and he just like took off running!"

It had some facts confused.

DISPATCHER: Is he a white male or a black male?

CALLER: Yes -- his name is Alex.

The person police say was on the shooting rampage was actually Freeman and not "Alex."  That conflicting information caused confusion and cost time for police trying to secure the scene.

Police say Freeman never had any serious brushes with law enforcement, but he was drinking that night. For now, the circumstances behind his death will remain a mystery.

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