LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The NCAA may no longer recognize the championship, but Card nation plans to prove it will never forget the 2013 season.

Team captain, Luke Hancock said the 2013 Louisville men's basketball team always talked about getting together for a five-or ten-year reunion, and now it's happening. Fans are invited to wear their national championship gear and come out to Fourth Street Live! to celebrate the title run.

The celebration will be called "Rise Above" and is set to be held on June 29. Organizers promise fun stories from the locker room and chances to win signed memorabilia.

A sex scandal involving prostitutes cost U of L all its wins from several years, including the 2013 national championship. The punishment from the NCAA was revealed earlier this year, but Hancock said he won't let it tarnish his memories.

"The NCAA has no power over me. I'm not a member of an institution, I don't play in the NCAA," he said. "They've made their decision and their ruling to X out whatever they want, and it's my decision and my teammate's decision to have something like this. It is all about positivity. We don't want anything negative to come from this. It's just an opportunity to kind of get the band back together."

Hancock said he expects to have just about every player who was part of the 2013 team in attendance. He added former head coach Rick Pitino will get an invite but conceded that could be challenge.

"Everybody knows it's going to be tough for coach to be here," Hancock said.

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