LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A cat, nearly the size of a mountain lion, was spotted next to child's swing set in an Anchorage backyard.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife conservation officers say the cat is too large to be a house cat and too small to be a mountain lion.

“It appeared to be three to four feet in height, and it was around 100 pounds,” said Teeya Barnes, Public Information Specialist for Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Barnes said whatever it is, the cat isn’t from nearby.

“They're not indigenous to this area, so it could be possible it could have been a domestic animal someone purchased, cared for for a while and just let go into the wild,” she said.

Officers said a photo was snapped by someone on the backyard porch of home in Anchorage. One residents said she saw the cat, but it was so big, she thought it was her neighbor’s dog.

Another witness called LMAS, but it was dark by the time they arrived.

“One of the officers said the cat looked at them in the eyes, and she could see green eyes peering back at her,” Barnes said.

Officers set a trap for the cat, but so far, they haven’t had any luck.

“They noticed the cat food was gone, but the cage had not been triggered," Barnes said.

LMAS warned residents to be cautious until this furry feline is found and keep an eye on children and pets.

Anyone spotting an animal fitting the description above should stay away from it, and call Kentucky Fish and Wildlife at 1-800-858-1549.

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