LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A big stretch of Outer Loop could get more lanes and new sidewalks.

On Thursday evening, The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet invited the public to Lassiter Middle School to share input about ways to improve the heavily trafficked portion of south Louisville from Third Street Road to the National Turnpike.

"Almost every day, you’ll see a wreck,” said Richard Howell, President of Prime Construction Rentals, which is located on Outer Loop and Afterglow Drive.

Howell said, in just two months, he has seen about six wrecks. But he has some recommendations for improvements: at least three lanes with a turning lane and sidewalks.

Right now, there’s nothing official on the table, but KYTC said Howell’s suggestions are doable.

"It is one lane in each direction now,” said Andrea Clifford, spokeswoman for KYTC. "We could widen to three lanes, adding a center turn lane through the corridor. Another option is to widen it to four and five lanes, two lanes in each direction and having a center turn lane.”

Last year, KYTC initiated the planning study on the Outer Loop from Third Street Road to National Turnpike. The purpose is to get feedback from people who live, work and drive the 2.5-mile stretch.

"Where are the troubled spots? Where are the traffic issues? What are things they think need to be improved?” Clifford said.

On Thursday, some of the exhibits and suggestions were displayed for the public to see at Lassiter Middle School.

"They’ve already hit my mailbox about two or three times,” Howell said.

After several close calls, Howell is looking forward to sharing his recommendations and perhaps sharing a little bit of the business.

”We have the dirt equipment and small equipment they need for the job," he said. "And plus, it’s really just needed."

If you missed the meeting, you can take an online project survey here

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