The Itty Bitty Kitty Shower was held at the APA shelter in Jeffersonville on Saturday. 

The Animal Protection Association rescues homeless cats and kittens, and took the day to show off some of their newest additions.

Attendees watched as the kittens played, mingled and napped with their feline friends. It was also an opportunity for people to make a donation to help APA care for the kittens and adult cats at their shelter. 

"The kittens get adopted, I don't want to say immediately, but within a few weeks," APA Fundraising Chair Christina Mattingly said. "And then the mommas may end up at the shelter for a month, two months, until they find their forever home."

APA is also looking for more people to foster cats and kittens. If you're interested, head to the APA website by clicking here

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