Did you know that May is Better Hearing and Speech Month? Most of us take for granted our gifts of hearing and speaking. Hearing loss and speech-language disorders can significantly impact a child's development and progress.

Children with mild to moderate hearing loss may achieve one to four grade levels lower than their peers with normal hearing if they don't receive proper treatment. Good hearing is critical to communication, reading, academics, social skill development and self-esteem.

Three out of every 1,000 children are impacted by hearing loss. These signs include a lack of social interaction; toddlers who don't understand what you're saying; toddlers over 18 months old only saying a few words or their words are not easily understood; or 2 to 3 year olds with limited vocabulary or who have unclear speech.

Educate yourself on the signs of hearing loss and speech-language delay in children, and see an audiologist or speech-language pathologist for evaluation if you're concerned about your child.

If a child does not receive proper treatment for hearing loss or speech and language disorders, they will face unnecessary challenges throughout their life.

Louisville is home to many wonderful facilities with the tools to help children with hearing and speech difficulties. If you suspect your child may need their hearing or speech evaluated, reach out to one of these facilities and make a difference in your child's life today.

I'm Paul Robinson and that's my Point of View.

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