It's time for some more darts and laurels.

A laurel to the University of Louisville and former Athletic Director Tom Jurich for settling their dispute out of court. It's a good outcome for both entities.

From U of L's perspective, if this had gone to court, they would have lost a lot more than $7.2 million dollars. They were entirely wrong. For Tom, he got his
reputation back. U of L now admits there was no just cause for their actions. He was terminated because a couple of the top board members simply wanted him gone.

While we throw darts at the small number of school bus drivers who drive too fast with children on board, we should send a laurel to the hundreds and hundreds of drivers who show up on time every day, who follow the rules of the road and drive safely.

The vast majority are dedicated pros who take their jobs very seriously. We don't say this often enough, but thanks for all you do.

Finally, a dart to the media for giving us the names and stories of these school shooters. These killers should be brought into court with a bag over their head, and the only people who should know anything about them are the police. By telling their story, we just give the copycats more incentive to grab their
15 minutes of fame.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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