GEORGETOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Georgetown family woke up Monday to find a bobcat hanging out on the porch.

Homeowner Donna Singleton said she and her husband walked outside around 7:30 a.m. and saw the cat sleeping on a red chair on their porch.

“Right there was this huge cat in our chair, and I looked at it and I thought ‘That is the biggest cat I have ever seen,'” Singleton said. “It was very, very beautiful.”

The Singletons left and returned home four hours later to find the cat still lounging in their chair.

“We talked to it again, and my first thought was when I saw it was, ‘I want that cat so bad.’ I really did,” Singleton said.

It didn’t take long for neighbors to notice the feline and take photos and record it on their cell phones, something Singleton also did.

Neighbors stopped a local garbage collector Canaan Crowdus and asked him to help remove the cat.

“She hollered ‘Can you help me remove this bobcat down the street or something?’ I said ‘No. That is not what I specialize in,’” said Crowdus, laughing. “It started wagging its tail, and I thought, ‘OK, never mind.'” Not going to hunt me down. I’m not your prey. I’m going to pray with you, if anything.”

Eventually, the bobcat got bored and walked away.

Neighbors said the cat has been seen in the neighborhood several times and believe it’s a pet, because it’s known someone near the area owns a bobcat.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said it is legal to own a bobcat, provided the owner has the proper permit.

Earlier this year, the state proposed a “bobcat hunt” because of the cats healthy population levels, but that was rescinded before it could be voted on.

Naturally, bobcats pose no threats to people. 

For now, the Singletons said it’s their new neighborhood mascot who’s always welcomed back.

“We just hope the best for it," Singleton said. "We don’t want anything to happen to it."

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