JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- On hot days of years past, Exit 0 in Jeffersonville has provided free showers to the homeless out of a garage.

But this year, Director Paul Stensrud decided to take the ministry on the road.

"In southern Indiana, we have one shelter for 12 counties," Stensrud said. "Not everybody can go to that shelter due to their backgrounds. So a shower unit like this is very important to the community." 

The group converted an old military vehicle into a mobile hygiene unit complete with water, soap, shampoo and toiletries. On Wednesday, it was good enough for 21 showers.

"It allows the guys to take a shower for dignity but also for workforce in case they've gotta go to a doctor and just to feel fresh and clean," Stensrud said.

 The unit also has two washing machines for clothes and hoses in case there's a little furry friend who needs some TLC as well.

"If we have a dog that comes up, we can wash the animal on the outside while their owner is inside taking a shower," Stensrud said,

And given the recent hepatitis A outbreak and its prevalence in the homeless community, that hygiene is especially important.

"It's about serving our community, serving the lost, the poor, those that are in need," Stensrud said.

Exit 0 plans to hit a different community each week, including Jeffersonville, Clarksville and south Louisville. The truck runs once a week from now until around the first frost.

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