NEW HAVEN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Coaches and friends of a New Haven boy are grieving after the 10-year-old's body was found in the Rolling Fork River Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of people searched Spencer Dugger along the shore and in boats before his body was found just two hours after his siblings returned home, saying he fell in the water.

“He was very outgoing. He was a ball of energy, would never stop. Could just keep running back and forth,” said Dugger’s former soccer coach, Marley Boone. “Spencer was involved so much in sports. He played soccer, basketball and football. He went to school here. Everybody knew him.”

Sports were in Dugger’s blood. His coaches said when he wasn’t playing the games, he was thinking about them.

The sudden loss of a member of the New Haven School community hit the small town in a big way.  

“It’s just basically like losing one of your own kids,"  said Anthony Yelverton, Dugger’s basketball coach. "It totally affected not only the school system, the community, as well as his classmates as well."

It will be several months until Dugger’s classmates will all be together again since school ended for the year on Friday. That is when his coaches say his loss will be fully felt by those who used to see him every day.

Dugger's football coach, William Mattingly, said the loss is already being felt by the New Haven School and the surrounding area.

“At the end of practice, every practice, we say 'We are family,’" Mattingly said. "And when one person in the family hurts, we all hurt."

People who helped search for Dugger say the banks of the river were slippery and muddy Sunday, but the river’s current was not fast.

Dugger’s funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday at Rust Funeral Home in New Haven. Those who wish to contribute to his funeral expenses can make checks directly payable to Rust Funeral Home.

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