By: Keith Inman
President of Kosair Charities

School's out for the summer!

As a parent, I know that means no more after-school commitments, late-night homework fights and parent-teacher conferences until the fall.

I also know it means lots of child care coordination, unstructured playtime and avoiding the "I'm bored" conversation with your kids.

Parenting is tough. And keeping your cool in the summer can be really tough.

The transition from the classroom to home allows parents to engage their kids in more outdoor activities. It allows time to get out and talk with your neighbors, and being a good, supportive neighbor creates a strong, supportive community.

It's also a time to let your neighbors and fellow parents know they aren't alone in their parenting struggles.

Being a good neighbor is letting the new parents down the street know you're there to lend a hand when they need to step away from their crying baby, or as a single parent knowing when to ask for help when you just need a break.

Partners in the Kosair Charities Face It Movement to End Child Abuse understand the struggles parents face and the importance of keeping your cool and helping other parents keep their cool this summer.

We really are all in this together and I challenge you to be a good neighbor.

Learn more ways to help prevent abuse by creating a supportive community and keeping your cool at

I'm Keith Inman and that's my Point of View.

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