The fate of a new school in downtown Jeffersonville is on the line, and the deadline is just days away.

It comes down to who gets the most signatures by the end of the week, and both sides are fighting for last minute support.

"All of the petitions must be notarized and turned in to the clerk's office by noon on Saturday," Greater Clark County Schools Superintendent Dr. Andrew Melin said.

Yellow petitions are for a new elementary school in downtown Jeffersonville. Blue petitions are against it.

Janelle Fitzpatrick is collecting for the blue side.

"I'm not against a school," Fitzpatrick said. "What I have finally been able to do as a retired teacher is to say 'Stop wasting the community's money.'"

Fitzpatrick is inviting strangers to her home to sign for blue.

"I put out my address for a signing here (Wednesday) afternoon," she said. "I know there have been a couple places put on Facebook for signings, a couple of businesses. We will also come to them if they want to sign blue. Just give us the address, and we'll come to them."

On the yellow side, volunteers have hit neighborhoods across Jeffersonville.

Melin said the board already voted to close both of its current downtown elementary schools.

"If this (new school) does not happen, if we're not successful, then we have to get ready to move students from Spring Hill and Maple to Northaven and Bridgepoint next school year," he said.

Melin is optimistic that the new school will go through, but he said the district is prepared for a worst-case scenario.

"We're gonna continue to work hard and fight like the dickens to get every signature we can," he said.

The deadline is noon Saturday.

Both sides are hosting events Wednesday to collect as many signatures as possible.

Yellow petitions can be signed or turned in at Nachand Fieldhouse between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Blue petitions can be signed or turned in at 2354 Wellington Green Drive in Clarksville from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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