LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crews with the Louisville Water Company will be busy during the summer to complete many projects.

Crews will be repairing and replacing water mains, like at the intersection of Blankenbaker Parkway and Ellingsworth Lane. They are also replacing valves, like on North Hubbards Lane.

“The summer time is a really busy time for us,” said Kelley Dearing Smith with the Louisville Water Company. “We know that’s an inconvenience. Maybe you couldn’t turn the way you wanted to or we’re delaying your route to work. We certainly ask for your patience there.”

And workers will also be in neighborhoods to replace thousands of old lead service lines with copper ones.

“These are the lines that connect from the meter to the property,” Dearing Smith said. “We’ll have all of those done by 2020.”

Crews will continue to work on the company’s largest project ever: replacing the pipe under Eastern Parkway. They are putting a 42-inch pipe inside a cast iron pipe that dates back to 1930. The project is on schedule, with nearly two of the three phases complete.

“And closer to Poplar Level Road, we are done,” she said. “That pipe is in the ground. It’s filled with water, and it’s providing great service. We’re working on the sidewalks and landscaping right now.”

The Eastern Parkway project is expected to be complete in 2019.

Outside of different projects, Dearing Smith said the company is constantly working and thinking about the future.

“Every year, we’re mapping out the miles of water main we either want to replace or repair," she said. "We do over 200 water quality tests every day."

But being proactive requires a big investment. The Louisville Water Company has a budget of $107 million for 2018, and nearly $64 million is going directly to repair and replacement projects.

“It’s a huge amount of money,” Dearing Smith said. “But the end result is that you rarely ever lose water service in this community. It’s always the highest quality when it comes out of the tap. And it’s reliable.”

Dearing Smith said the hard work is paying off. Louisville Water Company tied for first place for the 2018 Water Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study for JD Power, which is based on customer ratings.

“To have your customers be just tremendously satisfied with not only the quality of the product but the reliability of the service, that’s a huge accomplishment for our employees,” she said. “And for the city, too.”

That's a level of excellence Dearing Smith said the company intends to maintain with every single project.

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