HARDIN COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Even though it's officially summer break, one local school district isn't stopping its bus route. A new set of wheels for Hardin County Schools means lunches won't stop just because school's out. 

It has four wheels and resembles a school bus. However, this one looks and feels like summer vacation. "Oh my goodness, hi!"

When the rainbow of reality pulls in to the neighborhood, the ladies gets some blank stares.

"Honestly, I expected kind of a rinky-dink little bus driving around and so when it pulled up, we were all like, 'wow, that's really cool, looks neat'" says Beth Hill-Brown, mother.

They're are at your service, ready to provide Hardin County families lunch over summer break.

"I heard some ladies talking about it and I said, 'well, what's summer meals?' and they explained it to me and I said, 'oh, wait a minute, sign me up. I want to do that.' Then, I found out about The Cruisin' Cafe and said, 'okay, I definitely want to be on the bus,'" says Ann Tinker, Food Service Employee.

Inspired by a couple of other districts, The Cruisin' Cafe has been a vision for two years. "Our wheels started turning, literally," says Josey Crew, Child Nutrition Director for Hardin County Schools.

Rolled out last week, The Cruisin' Cafe makes four stops in areas in need or food deserts, every weekday, eliminating any issue of transportation.

"By us bringing it to them, we know they're going to get a meal. We know they're going to get a good lunch for that day and we don't have to worry about them being hungry," Tinker said.

The federally reimbursed program provides free meals to kids 18 and under, no questions asked.

"At our house, normally, it's like, just fix whatever you want. So, it's definitely not as nutritious as what they get here," Hill-Brown said.

This is in addition to Hardin County's school sites and a few box trucks that make deliveries. "Our schools do really well, don't get me wrong, but this is the way to get to the kids," Crew said.

So, step aboard and meet a few new friends.

"I actually have a hat for every day of the week," says Nancy Richardson, Food Services Employee.

Enjoy a book even and stay a while, judgment free.

"When my kids were younger, we were at a position where my husband wasn't working and I wasn't working and we had two kids under six years old. The summer feeding program helped us financially get through the summer so that they would have something to eat. It would've put us in a really big bind not to have something to eat every day of the week. So, it means a lot to give back to the community for what they did for my family," Richardson said.

If you miss a day, they'll be right back with a warm welcome tomorrow.

"We had somebody tell us yesterday that their kiddos were not going to get a good meal today. Bottom line, that's why we're here. That's why we do what we do," Crew said.

The Cruisin' Cafe will run until July 27. Adults can eat too, for three dollars.

Hours may vary, depending on traffic and the number of visitors.

The Cruisin' Cafe will serve meals at the following locations Monday through Friday:

  • Hardin County Day Treatment, 643 Westport Rd., Elizabethtown (10:30 a.m. - 11 a.m.)
  • Ponderosa Manor Mobile Home Park, 319 Ponderosa Dr., Elizabethtown (11:20 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.)
  • Bible Baptist Church, 156 Shelby Ave., Radcliff (12:10 p.m. - 12:40 p.m.)
  • Paradise Mobile Home Park, 1445 Hill St., Radcliff (1 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.) 

School sites: 

  • North Hardin High School, 801 South Logsdon Pkwy., Radcliff
  • College View Campus, 521 Charlemagne Blvd., Elizabethtown
  • Radcliff Elementary School, 1145 South Dixie Blvd., Radcliff

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