ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) Shopping on wheels. One local woman's passion for fashion is helping other women around the world.

Step inside the local boutique and visitors are greeted by the latest trends, accessories and four wheels.

"I got on Pinterest, started scrolling around and it had a bunch of stuff on how to start a mobile boutique," says Erica Covell, Owner of Lady Lu Mobile Boutique.

A store was a natural transition for Covell, who started in the screen printing business.

When her grandfather was selling his car trailer, it was a match. "That's an empty shell. It's just a rectangle. We can do whatever we wanted with it. So, we bought it and I started drawing out blue prints and showed my husband and he said, 'yeah, we can do it'" Covell said.

It was a family affair. Three months later, Lady Lu Mobile Boutique can be seen around the Kentuckiana region. "She did a good job keeping it top secret. I didn't even get to see it until her VIP exclusive reveal a couple weeks ago," says Kendra Covell, family member and friend.

However, Erica Covell's business model goes beyond the surface. "I just wanted to tell women out there that they're perfect how they are, that they're unique and they were born to stand out," Covell said.

The store sells all sizes with part of jewelry proceeds going back to women in third world countries. "She has such a big heart for helping others, helping women feel good about themselves and I thought more people need to know about positive things like that going on in the community," Kendra Covell said.

One town, one lady at a time. 

To book a party or visit them at a local event, follow Lady Lu Mobile Boutique's Facebook page

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