LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Every picture taken of Alyssa Cook over the years shows a teen full of life with a family that loved her. As you might expect, her plans to spend months away in the Florida left them with mixed emotions.

"She went down there for the summer, to spend some time with her friends," said Bethany Butler, Alyssa's aunt.

Alyssa was set to start her summer gig in Panama City Beach last Monday. She wouldn't make it to her first shift.

"They were 4.2 miles from where they were going, and someone hit them." Butler said. "They got in a wreck."

After the crash, it became clear quickly Alyssa wouldn't survive.

"The least we could do, if we're going to lose her, is let her live for somebody else," Butler said.

Her loved ones said Alyssa was a giver her entire life. Her last moments Thursday wouldn't be any different.

"They were able to use her heart, her lungs, her pancreas and her liver," Butler said.

The only problem was getting her back to Louisville. Her mother and grandmother needed to be with her, but the trip was pricey. The family turned to GoFundMe, and people responded. Over $9,000 was raised in just two days.

"The love and support that we have received is unbelievable," Butler said. "Absolutely unbelievable. We are so appreciative."

Alyssa's loved ones now have enough to get her home and for her burial. Still, the toughest part will be ahead, saying goodbye.

"We appreciate every moment we had, and I thank my sister for sharing her with me," Butler said.

The family said the other people in the car with Alyssa survived and are expected to be OK.

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