BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (AP) -- A court filing in the federal case against a neighbor who tackled U.S. Sen. Rand says the neighbor "lost his temper" over yard debris on the property line between their homes.

The neighbor, Dr. Rene Boucher, is asking a judge to grant probation in the case. Prosecutors are seeking a 21-month prison sentence.

A sentencing memorandum filed Friday by Boucher's attorney says Paul repeatedly placed "unsightly" yard debris near the property line. On the day before the Nov. 3 attack, Boucher burned some debris left by Paul, according to the document obtained by the Daily News of Bowling Green. The next day, Paul placed more debris on the spot where the pile had been burned, it says.

But Rand Paul's communications director, Kelsey Cooper take issue with the court documents.  In a statement emailed to WDRB, she says the Senator and Boucher never discussed yard waste. 

Before Senator Paul was violently attacked from behind, he had no conversations or discussions with the attacker. There was no “longstanding dispute.” This description is untrue. It is impossible to have a dispute when no words of disagreement were ever spoken -neither immediately nor at any other time before the attack occurred. In the decade prior to the attack, Senator Paul had no contact with the attacker.
The attack was a pre-meditated assault that broke six of the Senator’s ribs and was complicated by fluid and blood around the lung and recurrent pneumonia. Any description of this attack that implies a “yard dispute” justifies such violence and misses the point.

Boucher has pleaded guilty to assaulting a member of Congress and is scheduled to be sentenced Friday.

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