EL RODEO, GUATEMALA (WDRB) -- A week after a deadly volcanic eruption in Guatemala, a southern Indiana couple is there trying to help those who are repairing their lives and what they lost.  

Wayland Dietrich and Katherine Clark are missionaries who work with Casa por Cristo building homes.

They live 25 miles from a deadly volcanic eruption that has so far killed more than 100 people and displaced nearly 4,000 others.

The couple was in El Salvador when the eruption happened but returned to see what the volcano left behind.

“We saw lots of ambulances and lots of vehicles covered in ash fleeing from that area,” Clark said. “These communities live on the side of the volcano and they are just so used to the small eruptions that when this big one happened they had no warning.”

Ash and debris in El Rodeo was so thick looked like a black blizzard – blanketing the town and closing down the airport.

A wall of lava, ash, and gas billowed tens of thousands of feet into the air.

The small city the couple lives in has been stepping up to do what they can by holding food drives and shipping out supplies – the most needed items are canned goods and medicine.

Several times a week residents arrived to the town square and drop of diapers, water, and non-perishable items that are then taken to the damaged areas – a two hour drive through the heavily mountainous area.

“It has been really cool to see our small little town and how they have together with all the donations and they are making trips for the displaced,” Dietrich said.

Nearly $1,000 has already been donated – much of that coming from the community of Scottsburg and southern Indiana.

“I can’t tell you how many emails, texts, and Facebook messages we’ve received from just an outpouring of love ... everyone checking on us to make sure we’re OK,” said Clark.

To help with donations and the recovering process, visit Operation Blessing or the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction

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