LEBANON JUNCTION, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Bullitt County grandmother is expected to face charges, after her granddaughter went missing for 32 hours last week.

Bullitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell tells WDRB Beth Campbell will cited with a criminal summons Wednesday, after a custody hearing or on Thursday.

Campbell is to be charged with endangering the welfare of a minor and neglect.

The charges come after Campbell's 2-year-old granddaughter, Charlee, disappeared for 32 hours last week.

Tinnell says he won't be satisfied until he has looked at each theory of what could've happened to Charlee Campbell including the one where she leaves her home on her own. 

"I do believe there is an occasion that it is believable that she could've wandered out that house not with the dog. She was on her own looking for the dog," he said. But regardless of how she left, he says her grandmother who was supposed to be looking after her was negligent. 

"We went and approached the county attorney about serving a criminal summons to Beth the grandmother based on negligence of her care of that child," he said.

Tinnell says his office is getting a search warrant for Campbell's tablet and for Robert Bailey's cell phone.Bailey is a family member who is in jail on unrelated charges. Tinnell says he's also getting a search warrant for Charlee's step-dad's cell phone. 

The sheriff says Bailey said "no" to the phone search because of alleged drug related activity on it, but Tinnell says that's not what he's interested in. 

"What were interested in on those phones is something that indicates there was some kind of plan to pick her up, take her out of there, put her in a home somewhere and keep her," Tinnell said. 

The girl was found alive Friday evening. Tinnell said Charlee walked up to the porch of a home on Roy Layne Road about 500 yards up a steep hill. The homeowners recognized her and called authorities.

Charlee was initially taken to Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville with "no obvious serious injuries," though police added that she appeared dehydrated and had several tick bites. Charlee is currently in the care of Child Protective Services.

The Sheriff's Office is still investigating if Charlee was in the woods the whole time or if someone took her and placed her there to be found.

Sheriff Tinnell said he is also checking surveillance cameras from homeowners to see who may have been in the area during the time Charlee was missing. 

A forensic examination is expected to be done on the little girl to determine whether she has been sexually assaulted. 

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