LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Caw-Caw the macaw is back home. 

After several days perched in trees near her home in Pleasure Ridge Park, the exotic bird was finally captured on Wednesday evening. 

The 15-year-old macaw had never been outside until last Friday. But a cat scared her, and she flew off to freedom. Her elderly owner couldn't get her to come out of a 60-foot-tree in PRP. 

Caw-Caw dodged several attempts to snag her from the tree. Firefighters tried, but they decided they needed a taller ladder. 

A tree climber finally volunteered to help. On his first attempt, he had the colorful bird in his hands, but she got scared and flew to another tree. 

Finally, an expert from Louisville Lawn Enforcement climbed the tree with a cage in hand. Caw-Caw was coaxed into the cage and finally lowered to the ground to a group of excited neighbors who had been watching for days. 

Stephanie Roby runs a website called Louisville Lost and Found for pets and has been trying to help get the bird down. 

Roby says the owner turns 80--years-old on Thursday and called the return of his beloved Caw-Caw the best present ever. 

Roby also captured video on social media of the long rescue.

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