LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Parking and traffic changes had some neighbors frustrated during the Kentucky Derby this year.

Many people who live around Churchill Downs voiced those concerns at a community meeting Wednesday night.

Deana Hester said the changes prevented her family from selling out parking in their yards.

“Our street never was crowded the whole time and we’re right across from gate 10,” Hester said. “It should have been packed.”

This year more people were bused to Churchill Downs, a new temporary pedestrian bridge was installed, and fencing limited the number of crossings for people walking from the football stadium.

Several neighbors said many drivers thought they could not get to the neighborhood streets.

Major Josh Judah with LMPD 4th Division said the department is constantly researching the best ways to improve traffic and is open to the input.

“We have heard loud and clear what their frustrations were and we’re gonna incorporate as much as we can into our planning for next year,” Judah said.

Katherine Kington North, a spokesperson for Churchill Downs, said they need and support neighborhood parking for the event.

The racetrack believes the changes helped this year's event.

"We're very thrilled with the results our feedback has been overall very positive a lot of people saying that they got in quicker than they ever had before," Kington North said.

While many neighbors are hopeful for changes some are not convinced it will happen.

"It was a success to them but not to the neighborhood so if they've deemed it as a success they won't change," Hester said.

LMPD has already started planning for next year's Kentucky Derby.

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