WARNING: The video that appears with this story contains imagery that many viewers will find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Video shot by a witness and obtained by WDRB News appears to show what happened when EMS crews responded to two heroin overdose suspects found unconscious in a hot car with a baby in the back seat.

WARNING: The video that appears with this story is graphic.

A Battletown, Kentucky, man was arrested in Louisville Wednesday afternoon after police say he and an accomplice were found unconscious in a hot vehicle with a 2-month-old girl in the back seat.

Police say they were sent to the parking lot of a Speedway gas station, on Crittenden Drive, near Kentucky Kingdom, on Wednesday afternoon. According to an arrest report, someone reported that there were two unconscious people in a car there, with a newborn baby in the back seat.

By the time officers arrived, the two adults who had been in the car -- 28-year-old Joshua Marr and 26-year-old Bethany Stevens -- were on the ground outside the vehicle and EMS first responders were providing medical treatment. Police say Marr and Stevens were having difficulty breathing and their skin had changed color. They were reportedly unconscious for about 16 minutes.

"They were both laid back, they were pale, eyes wide open," said Josiah Larocco, who captured video of the incident on Facebook Live.

According to the arrest report, when the pair woke up, they admitted that they had taken heroin.

Police say the infant -- Marr's daughter -- was placed in "substantial danger of serious physical injury or death" because Marr and Stevens overdosed on heroin, leaving her unmonitored in a hot vehicle.

"It was hot, windows was up, and it could've lead to something real bad," Larocco said.

Marr was arrested and charged with first-degree wanton endangerment in connection with the this case. He is currently being held in Louisville Metro Corrections. Stevens was cited.

"Y'all, stop," Larocco said on the video as the camera points to Marr and Stevens unconscious in the car. "Stop, stop, stop. This [EXPLETIVE] has got to stop."

There's no word on where the child is now.

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