LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)--  The sun is shining, we've finally thawed out from winter, it's time to get outside and snap the perfect pic for your Instagram. But are you living too much of your life through social media?

"Sometimes we're too connected," said Dr. Kenneth Anderson, Chief Medical Officer with Baptist Health Louisville.

A recent study found Americans check their phone on average once every 12 minutes burying their heads in their phones up to 80 times a day. If you're ready to break the habit, here are five ways to power down in a wired world.

#1- Start by deleting addictive apps

"I see people who live the next  moment for Facebook," said Dr. Anderson.

Don't want to quit instagram, snapchat and twitter all at once? Delete just one or two from your phone and maybe only check them from your computer, taking away the temptation.

#2- Try downloading to detox

There are actually apps that help stop that endless scrolling. These can track the time spent on your phone or actually create roadblocks between you and certain sites.

"Other things that would slow it down to make it harder for you would be beneficial to break that habit," said Dr. Anderson.

#3- Switch to gray-scale

If you're not looking to download any more apps, a simple switch using the gray-scale can make you disinterested by taking away all the bright colors on your phone. 

#4- Turn off notifications

Frequent alerts are one of the reasons devices can be so addictive. Each one causes a small burst of endorphins feeding your desire for more.

"Addicted in the sense not like you're addicted to drugs or alcohol or things of that nature but i think you get addicted to information, you get addicted to the positive reinforcement and things of that  nature," said Dr. Anderson.

#5- Try creating no-tech zones at meals and in the bedroom

"Go to any restaurant see how many couples or families are setting there and they're just talking to their phones," said Dr. Anderson.

Distraction-free dining can promote conversations. Using an old fashioned alarm clock and not the one on your phone can mean better shuteye.

"If you're having trouble sleeping definitely turning it off sooner and putting it down would be beneficial to bedtime," said Dr. Anderson.

Following those five steps can have a positive impact on your mental, emotional and physical health.

"If you're stuck on your social media you're doing your phone, you're doing your tablet. You're inside, you're not doing anything.You're not active. You're missing the sunshine," said Dr. Anderson.

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